API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Cat Facts Daily cat facts No Yes Unknown
Dogs Based on the Stanford Dogs Dataset No Yes Yes
HTTPCat Cat for every HTTP Status No Yes Unknown
Movebank Movement and Migration data of animals No Yes Unknown
RandomCat Random pictures of cats No Yes Yes
RandomDog Random pictures of dogs No Yes Yes
RandomFox Random pictures of foxes No Yes No
RescueGroups Adoption No Yes Unknown
Shibe.Online Random pictures of Shibu Inu, cats or birds No No No


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Studio Ghibli Resources from Studio Ghibli films No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BookNomads Books published in the Netherlands and Flanders (about 2.5 million), book covers and related data No Yes Unknown
British National Bibliography Books No No Unknown
Open Library Books, book covers and related data No Yes Unknown
Penguin Publishing Books, book covers and related data No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Registered Domain Names Search No Yes Unknown
markerapi Trademark Search No No Unknown
Ticksel Friendly website analytics made for humans No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Church Calendar Catholic liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Czech Namedays Calendar Lookup for a name and returns nameday date No No Unknown
Hebrew Calendar Convert between Gregarian and Hebrew, fetch Shabbat and Holiday times, etc No No Unknown
LectServe Protestant liturgical calendar No No Unknown
Nager.Date Public holidays for more than 90 countries No Yes No
Namedays Calendar Provides namedays for multiple countries No Yes Yes
Non-Working Days Database of ICS files for non working days No Yes Unknown
Russian Calendar Check if a date is a Russian holiday or not No Yes No


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BitcoinCharts Financial and Technical Data related to the Bitcoin Network No Yes Unknown
Blockchain Bitcoin Payment, Wallet & Transaction Data No Yes Unknown
Chasing Coin Cryptocurrency, coin and token resource on the web No Yes Unknown
CoinBin Cryptocurrency information No Yes Unknown
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index No No Unknown
CoinMarketCap Cryptocurrencies Prices No Yes Unknown
Coinpaprika Cryptocurrencies prices, volume and more No Yes Yes
CryptoCompare Cryptocurrencies Comparison No Yes Unknown
Cryptonator Cryptocurrencies Exchange Rates No Yes Unknown
Gemini Cryptocurrencies Exchange No Yes Unknown
Livecoin Cryptocurrency Exchange No Yes Unknown
MercadoBitcoin Brazilian Cryptocurrency Information No Yes Unknown
Nexchange Automated cryptocurrency exchange service No No Yes

Currency Exchange

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Czech National Bank A collection of exchange rates No Yes Unknown Exchange rates with currency conversion No Yes Yes

Data Validation

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
languagelayer Language detection No Yes Unknown
mailboxlayer Email address validation No Yes Unknown
NumValidate Open Source phone number validation No Yes Unknown
numverify Phone number validation No Yes Unknown
PurgoMalum Content validator against profanity & obscenity No No Unknown
vatlayer VAT number validation No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS IP, Domains and Emails anti-abuse API blocklist No Yes Yes Wikipedia for Web APIs, OpenAPI/Swagger specs for public APIs No Yes Unknown
Bitbucket Pull public information for a Bitbucket account No Yes Unknown
Bored Find random activities to fight boredom No Yes Unknown
CDNJS Library info on CDNJS No Yes Unknown Structured changelog metadata from open source projects No Yes Unknown Persistent counting and A/B testing No Yes Unknown
DigitalOcean Status Status of all DigitalOcean services No Yes Unknown
DomainDb Info Domain name search to find all domains containing particular words/phrases/etc No Yes Unknown Determines a gender from a first name No Yes Unknown
HTTP2.Pro Test endpoints for client and server HTTP/2 protocol support No Yes Unknown
JSON 2 JSONP Convert JSON to JSONP (on-the-fly) for easy cross-domain data requests using client-side JavaScript No Yes Unknown
Judge0 Compile and run source code No Yes Unknown
Let's Validate Uncovers the technologies used on websites and URL to thumbnail No Yes Unknown
License-API Unofficial REST API for No Yes No
Myjson A simple JSON store for your web or mobile app No No Unknown
OOPSpam Multiple spam filtering service No Yes Yes
Plino Spam filtering system No Yes Unknown
Public APIs A collective list of free JSON APIs for use in web development No Yes Unknown
QR code Create an easy to read QR code and URL shortener No Yes Yes
QR code Generate and decode / read QR code graphics No Yes Unknown
ReqRes A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests No Yes Unknown
Verse Check what's the latest version of your favorite open-source project No Yes Unknown
XML to JSON Integration developer utility APIs No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- --- File Sharing No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
UK Carbon Intensity The Official Carbon Intensity API for Great Britain developed by National Grid No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
Financial Modeling Prep Stock information and data No Yes Unknown
IEX Stocks and Market Data No Yes Unknown
Razorpay IFSC Indian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes) No Yes Unknown ACH/NACHA Bank Routing Numbers No Yes Unknown
VAT Rates A collection of all VAT rates for EU countries No Yes Unknown

Food & Drink

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Open Brewery DB Breweries, Cideries and Craft Beer Bottle Shops No Yes Yes
Open Food Facts Food Products Database No Yes Unknown
PunkAPI Brewdog Beer Recipes No Yes Unknown
Recipe Puppy Food No No Unknown
TacoFancy Community-driven taco database No No Unknown
The Report of the Week Food & Drink Reviews No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
AmiiboAPI Amiibo Information No No Yes
Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 Information No Yes Unknown
Chuck Norris Database Jokes No No Unknown
Clash Royale Clash Royale Game Information No Yes Unknown
Comic Vine Comics No Yes Unknown
Deck of Cards Deck of Cards No No Unknown
Dota 2 Provides information about Player stats , Match stats, Rankings for Dota 2 No Yes Unknown
Games Minecraft and other server info & user info) No Yes Unknown
Giant Bomb Video Games No Yes Unknown
Jokes Programming and general jokes No Yes Unknown
Jservice Jeopardy Question Database No No Unknown
Magic The Gathering Magic The Gathering Game Information No No Unknown
Open Trivia Trivia Questions No Yes Unknown
Qriusity Quiz/Trivia Questions No Yes Unknown
Rick and Morty All the Rick and Morty information, including images No Yes Yes
xkcd Retrieve xkcd comics as JSON No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Address database of France, geocoding and reverse No Yes Unknown
CitySDK Open APIs for select European cities No Yes Unknown
GeoApi French geographical data No Yes Unknown Provides worldwide forward/reverse geocoding, batch geocoding and geoparsing No Yes Unknown
GeoNames Place names and other geographical data No No Unknown
HelloSalut Get hello translation following user language No Yes Unknown
IP 2 Country Map an IP to a country No Yes Unknown
IP Address Details Find geolocation with ip address No Yes Unknown
IP Location Find IP address location information No Yes Unknown
OnWater Determine if a lat/lon is on water or land No Yes Unknown
OpenCage Forward and reverse geocoding using open data No Yes Unknown Provide geolocation data based on postcode for Dutch addresses No No Unknown Postcode lookup & Geolocation for the UK No Yes Unknown
Zippopotam Get information about place such as country, city, state, etc No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BCLaws Access to the laws of British Columbia No No Unknown The US Census Bureau provides various APIs and data sets on demographics and businesses No Yes Unknown
Colorado Data Engine Formatted and geolocated Colorado public data No Yes Unknown
Colorado Information Marketplace Colorado State Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Data USA US Public Data No Yes Unknown Contains live datasets including information about petitions, bills, MP votes, attendence and more No No Unknown
EPA Web services and data sets from the US Environmental Protection Agency No Yes Unknown
Federal Register The Daily Journal of the United States Government No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Australia Australian Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Belgium Belgium Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Canada Canadian Government Open Data No No Unknown
Open Government, New Zealand New Zealand Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, Taiwan Taiwan Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Open Government, USA United States Government Open Data No Yes Unknown
Prague Opendata Prague City Open Data No No Unknown
Represent by Open North Find Canadian Government Representatives No Yes Unknown US federal spending data No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Diabetes Logging and retrieving diabetes information No No Unknown
Flutrack Influenza-like symptoms with geotracking No No Unknown Educational content about the US Health Insurance Marketplace No Yes Unknown
Makeup Makeup Information No No Unknown
Medicare Access to the data from the CMS - No Yes Unknown
NPPES National Plan & Provider Enumeration System, info on healthcare providers registered in US No Yes Unknown
openFDA Public FDA data about drugs, devices and foods No Yes Unknown
USDA Nutrients National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Github Jobs Jobs for software developers No Yes Unknown
Open Skills Job titles, skills and related jobs data No No Unknown Jobs Tap into a list of current jobs openings with the United States government No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
Bandsintown Music Events No Yes Unknown
Genrenator Music genre generator No Yes Unknown
iTunes Search Software products No Yes Unknown Simple API to retrieve the lyrics of a song No Yes Unknown
MusicBrainz Music No Yes Unknown
Songsterr Provides guitar, bass and drums tabs and chords No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Chronicling America Provides access to millions of pages of historic US newspapers from the Library of Congress No No Unknown

Open Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
18F Unofficial US Federal Government API Development No No Unknown The Internet Archive No Yes Unknown United States ham radio callsigns No Yes Unknown
Dronestream Tracks United States drone strikes No Yes Unknown
fonoApi Mobile Device Description No Yes Unknown
French Address Search Address search via the French Government No Yes Unknown Extract structured data from any website No Yes Yes Open demographic data such as population tables, population rank and life expectancy No No Unknown
Quandl Stock Market Data No Yes Unknown
Teleport Quality of Life Data No Yes Unknown
Universities List University names, countries and domains No Yes Unknown
University of Oslo Courses, lecture videos, detailed information for courses etc. for the University of Oslo (Norway) No Yes Unknown
Wikipedia Mediawiki Encyclopedia No Yes Unknown

Open Source Projects

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Countly Countly web analytics No No Unknown No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
USPTO USA patent api services No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Advice Slip Generate random advice slips No Yes Unknown JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris jokes No Yes Unknown
Forismatic Inspirational Quotes No No Unknown
icanhazdadjoke The largest selection of dad jokes on the internet No Yes Unknown
Quotes on Design Inspirational Quotes No Yes Unknown
Traitify Assess, collect and analyze Personality No Yes Unknown Api & web archive for the things Donald Trump has said No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Lorem Picsum Images from Unsplash No Yes Unknown
Pixhost Upload images, photos, galleries No Yes Unknown
PlaceKitten Resizable kitten placeholder images No Yes Unknown
ScreenShotLayer URL 2 Image No Yes Unknown

Science & Math

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS Multiple astronomy data sources No Yes Unknown High Energy Physics info. system No Yes Unknown
Launch Library Upcoming Space Launches No Yes Unknown
Minor Planet Center Information No No Unknown
NASA NASA data, including imagery No Yes Unknown
Newton Symbolic and Arithmetic Math Calculator No Yes Unknown
Numbers Facts about numbers No No Unknown
Open Notify ISS astronauts, current location, etc No No Unknown
Open Science Framework Repository and archive for study designs, research materials, data, manuscripts, etc No Yes Unknown
SHARE A free, open, dataset about research and scholarly activities No Yes Unknown
SpaceX Company, vehicle, launchpad and launch data No Yes Unknown
Sunrise and Sunset Sunset and sunrise times for a given latitude and longitude No Yes Unknown
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Earthquakes data real-time No Yes Unknown
USGS Water Services Water quality and level info for rivers and lakes No Yes Unknown
World Bank World Data No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
AXFR Database AXFR public database No No Unknown
FilterLists Lists of filters for adblockers and firewalls No Yes Unknown
HaveIBeenPwned Passwords which have previously been exposed in data breaches No Yes Unknown
UK Police UK Police data No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
Fuck Off as a Service Asks someone to fuck off No Yes Unknown
HackerNews Social news for CS and entrepreneurship No Yes Unknown

Sports & Fitness

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
BikeWise Bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards and thefts No Yes Unknown
Cartola FC The Cartola FC API serves to check the partial points of your team No Yes Unknown
City Bikes City Bikes around the world No No Unknown
Ergast F1 F1 data from the beginning of the world championships in 1950 No Yes Unknown Football Data No No Unknown
NBA Stats Current and historical NBA Statistics No Yes Unknown
NFL Arrests NFL Arrest Data No No Unknown
Pro Motocross The RESTful AMA Pro Motocross lap times for every racer on the start gate No No Unknown
SuredBits Query sports data, including teams, players, games, scores and statistics No No No
UFC Data Ultimate Fighting Championship information for events and fighters No No No

Test Data

API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Adorable Avatars Generate random cartoon avatars No Yes Unknown
Bacon Ipsum A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator No Yes Unknown
Dicebear Avatars Generate random pixel-art avatars No Yes Unknown
FHIR Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources test data No Yes Unknown
Hipster Ipsum Generates Hipster Ipsum text No No Unknown
JSONPlaceholder Fake data for testing and prototyping No No Unknown
LoremPicsum Generate placeholder pictures No No Unknown
Loripsum The "lorem ipsum" generator that doesn't suck No No Unknown
RandomUser Generates random user data No Yes Unknown
RoboHash Generate random robot/alien avatars No Yes Unknown
UI Names Generate random fake names No Yes Unknown
Yes No Generate yes or no randomly No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
Postmon An API to query Brazilian ZIP codes and orders easily, quickly and free No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
ADS-B Exchange Access real-time and historical data of any and all airborne aircraft No Yes Unknown
Icelandic APIs Open APIs that deliver services in or regarding Iceland No Yes Unknown
REFUGE Restrooms Provides safe restroom access for transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individuals No Yes Unknown
TransitLand Transit Aggregation No Yes Unknown
Transport for Atlanta, US Marta No No Unknown
Transport for Auckland, New Zealand Auckland Transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Chicago, US CTA No No Unknown
Transport for Denver, US RTD No No Unknown
Transport for Grenoble, France Grenoble public transport No No No
Transport for Paris, France Live schedules made simple No No Unknown
Transport for Philadelphia, US SEPTA APIs No No Unknown
Transport for The Netherlands OVAPI, country-wide public transport No Yes Unknown
Transport for Toronto, Canada TTC No Yes Unknown
API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
--- --- --- --- ---
NHTSA NHTSA Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing No Yes Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
Breaking Bad Quotes Some Breaking Bad quotes No Yes Unknown
Czech Television TV programme of Czech TV No No Unknown
Ron Swanson Quotes Television No Yes Unknown
STAPI Information on all things Star Trek No No No
SWAPI Star Wars Information No Yes Unknown
TVMaze TV Show Data No No Unknown


API Description Auth HTTPS CORS
MetaWeather Weather No Yes No
ODWeather Weather and weather webcams No No Unknown

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